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Applied biometrics on Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler, Bernard Montgomery and the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il

One of the very last mysteries of World War II solved by another way of observation!

With a certain regularity 'world famous' personalities are replaced by look-a-likes. The case of Clifton James, who was a double of General Bernard Montgomery is well known. He showed such a staggering likeness to the General, that the German Intelligence Service were put on the wrong track. Consequently they misjudged the location of the invasion by the Allied Forces during World War II.

The Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein made use of several look-a-likes as part of his political game of cunning and deceit in order to deceive the world.

The exchange of persons have one thing in common: they are always wrapped in a veil of secrecy. Up until now, doubts about someone’s identity could only be removed by official affidavits, issued by a body of authority and/or governments. Certificates, based on uncheckable evidence, produced renewed questions. So we are often left with nothing but our own conclusions - completely built on intuition - because of a lack of veritable information.

That is also the case of Rudolf Hess, Kim Jong-il and of - perhaps - John Demjanjuk and their supposed doubles. The subject of this study, which is a free download e-book, shows how we ourselves can check with relatively simple research the amount of truth in rumours and statements.

If we do not have at our disposal DNA material or fingerprints, we can use biometrical characteristics, derived from photo and film material. For that purpose insight is needed into the characteristics of body poses, preferred modes of movement and the way one conducts oneself. At Voorhorst demonstrates the line between subjective findings and objective research and he arrives at noteworthy conclusions when he combines the Bayesian statistics with historic research and as a result undermines the myth of a number of look-a-likes.

'Secret Services could take advantage of this!’ - de Stentor May 19 2010

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